Our Stroy

We are a small group of Coptic families whose majority comes from cities to the north and
south of Altoona, PA.  Since the nearest church in any direction is over two hours drive,
then Fr.Shenouda Elbaramousyof MD, now His Eminence Bishop Michael, helped us
organize and establish a Coptic Orthodox church in the region. We also invited Fr.
Guirguis A. Gobrial of MD  to celebrate the Divine Liturgy on a regular basis on
Saturdays, to fulfill our spiritual needs.

At first, the Liturgy used to be conducted at a local Antiochian Orthodox church which we
rented twice a month.  On March 10th, 2007, we permanently moved to our current
church building.

As of August 23rd, 2009, Fr. Barsoum Isaac of Alexandria, Egypt has been praying with
us every Sunday